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The Southern Shark Fishery

Fishing for sharks has a long history in Australia, with reports that the first white settlers, who arrived in Australia in 1788, supplemented their food resources by fishing for sharks.

The Southern Shark Fishery is Australia’s major shark fishery, which began in 1927, fishing mainly for school shark. Over the years 1970 – 2000, school shark and gummy shark provided nearly all the catch from the Southern Shark Fishery. Today, the primary species targeted in the fishery is Gummy Shark.

Gummy Shark is the original Flake that we all know for our Fish and Chips. It is “Not Overfished”, and is therefore a valuable asset to Australia’s food security.

Here at the Southern Shark Industry Alliance we are working very hard to increase community awareness that Gummy Shark is a great source of Australian food from a World Class Managed Fishery.

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Food resource abuntantly avaliable to Australians from Southern and Eastern Australian Commonwealth waters.

The Southern Shark Industry Alliance is actively involved in research, including gear trials and investigations into technology advances, combined with our Professional Fishers Code of Conduct to improve our ecological sustainability and ensure consistency and accountability across our sector.

Our Mission Statement

Southern Shark Industry Alliance seeks to support its members whom rely on the sustainable harvesting of the Southern Shark Fishery resource by ethical and professional representation to the community and all levels of fisheries management agencies.