The Hilborn Paper

Professor Ray Hilborn and Dr Bob Kearney (AM) are the authors of the paper titled, “Australian seafood consumers misled by prophets of doom and gloom”.

Their paper concludes:

  • Many land mammals, birds and frog species have become extinct, but there have been not one extinction of a species of marine fish.
  • The global problem with overfishing provides three fundamental messages; the problems are not universal, they are not uniformly distributed and the overly pessimistic view is simply not relevant to Australia
  • 85% of Australian species are not in an overfished state.
  • “The rapid recovery of the status of Australia’s exploited fish stocks highlights the fundamental effectiveness of traditional fisheries management compared to attempts to recover terrestrial systems that have been impacted by urban development, mining or agriculture”.
  • The public is not being made aware that Australians should consider Australian Stocks of fish as sustainable, as it comes from a well managed fishery, with out the need for additional certification of sustainability.

To download the full pdf version click here: View the Paper (pdf)

Professor Hilborn is an authority on the management of aquatic ecosystems and the status and sustainability of the world’s fisheries. He is the author of four books and 255 scientific papers. His contribution to science has been recognized by many awards.
Dr Kearney (AM) is the Emeritus Professor in Fisheries Management at the University of Canberra. He has authored 150 scientific papers and is the Chairman of the Research Committees of the Hermon Slade Foundation and the Australia Pacific Science Foundation. His contribution to fisheries science has been recognised in his membership of the Order of Australia.


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